Women of Faith

invite you to a


for women only

Speakers, Turkish drumming, singing and dancing

Sunday 9






Transformation Community Resource Centre

1st Floor Richmond House, 11 Richmond Grove,

Ardwick, Manchester M13 0LN

(behind the Longsight Police Station)

Please join us for this special women

s event to remember the victims of

the Bosnian Genocide

Food and refreshments available

Entrance free (but donations welcome)

Book your place at




Sunday 16




7.00 p.m.

Transformation Community Resource Centre

1st Floor Richmond House, 11 Richmond Grove,

Ardwick, Manchester M13 0LN

(behind the Longsight Police Station)

Please join us for a special event to remember the vic-

tims of the Bosnian Genocide.

A celebration of Bosnian Culture,

speakers and interfaith dialogue

Food and refreshments available

Entrance free (but donations welcome)

Alexandra Park Vigil

Exactly one month after the attack at the Manchester Arena, FN4M helped arrange a vigil in Alexandra

Park, to gather, pay respect to the victims and all those who helped in the aftermath of the attack, and

resolve to stand together against terror and all acts that seek to divide us.

Rev Fujo Malaika organised the event and led some moving words, prayers and songs.

There was also

some African drumming and poetry, including the Forever Manchester poem by Longfella (Tony Wash)

that he read at the Albert Square vigil the evening after the attack and a new poem specially written (and

sung) by Sarfraz Malik.

We were also joined by the new Miss Manchester who said a few words.

There were at least seven different faiths represented in the gathered crowd and everyone had a chance

to light a candle (although the wind kept thwarting the flames) and to join in some singing and meditation

This year there were a large number of interfaith Iftar events around Greater Manchester, most planned

even before the Manchester Arena attack.

However it seemed even more important for all of us to

engage with the Muslim community and to express our solidarity with them in the aftermath of the

atrocity at the Arena and again after the terrible attack in Finsbury Park.

The themes of

#WeStandTogether and #NotInOurName rang clear and strong from all of these events and many were



ordinated around the anniversary of Jo Cox MP's murder last year.

As an interfaith organisation, we were asked to not arrange our event on a Friday or Saturday night when

large numbers of members of the Jewish community would not be able to participate.

As a result, we

organised our Iftar this year at the Khizra Mosque, as their guests, on Thursday 15


June, the day before

the anniversary of her death.

We were very pleased to see some new faces at this event and there was a lovely atmosphere as Qaisra

Shahraz, our co


Chair, talked about the work, values and legacy of Jo Cox.

We were also reminded of the

importance of interfaith dialogue and this valuable work, especially in the wake of the terrorist attacks in

recent weeks, and of the achievements of FN4M.

We were then given a presentation on Islam and the work and projects of the Khizra Mosque by members

of the community, which was a fascinating insight into the valuable work being done by Muslim

communities in Manchester and across Britain.

We were then treated to a wonderful meal, with a variety of foods

no wonder you don't lose weight

during Ramadan if you eat that much every evening!

Thank you to all the members of the Khizra Mosque

who provided and cooked the meal

it was delicious.

Those of us who do not have to fast for a whole month, as the Muslim community do, continue to be

amazed at the commitment of our Muslim brothers and sisters to abstain from food and drink all day (and

they are long days at this time of year!), to contemplate their lives and to respond to the needs of others

so generously.

Many of us involved in FN4M and interfaith work joined in a number of Iftar activities this year and we are

very grateful to the Muslim communities and others for the hospitality and friendship that has been

shown throughout Ramadan.

Interfaith Iftar Meal

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