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Honours Workshop

Created by Kadija on 22/03/2017

Event on 29/03/2017

The Department for Communities and Local Government together with the Integration and Faith Minister are very proud of the work being done around the country by faith and interfaith groups and we would like to encourage more nominations for Honours (MBE/OBE, etc) from this sector.

The Honours system presents us with a valuable opportunity to reflect on the work and highlight the successes of the faith community. Honours are for people who have achieved significant success and who are working above and beyond their role to achieve it; this could be someone at a very local level or someone who has had a national impact.

In order to help you with your applications, we would like to invite you to a workshop to learn more about how to make an Honours nomination and tips to give your nomination the best chance of success. You can come with a blank page, as it were, or with someone (or more) in mind.

The workshop is being held on 29 March at Manchester Multifaith Centre, 2nd Floor, 77 Thompson Street, Manchester M4 5FY. We are now taking nominations for the New Year 2018 Honours List and beyond.

For more information contact Warren Elf on 07879454292 or email warren@fn4m.org

Please book your place via Eventbrite.

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