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Faith in Black Lives Matter: Black Experience in Predominantly White Faith Communities

The last session in our initial series of seven seminars looking at Faith in Black Lives Matter.  Beatrice Smith will be with us to share her experiences and explore ways of reducing inequalities and prejudices within our faith communities.

Purpose of these sessions:

-           Create an understanding of the marginalised experience that black people globally have and continue to face

-           Create a space to understand and highlight the importance of #BLM

-           Recognise, accept and explore any concerns and fears around this

-           Understand that there has been racism, both micro and macro aggression, against black people for 400 years and that it continues today

-           People of all faiths, cultures, backgrounds and ages being mindful when making their decisions in life in relation to #BLM

-           Illustrate the need for and the importance of change and what we can do to achieve this