Who We Are

Mission Statement

Faith Network for Manchester is an interfaith forum working together to foster cohesion, understanding and harmony across Manchester. 

We are here to provide a forum for members of different faith communities across Manchester, to meet together to consider the issues raised in local decision-making and strategic planning.

At Faith Network for Manchester, we deliver educational tools and opportunities for all ages and sections of the community to build mutual respect and understanding, challenge prejudice and promote active, engaged and informed citizenship.

As such, our objectives are to:

  • Organise conferences on key issues each year
  • Create opportunities for public discussion on issues that affect our community
  • Ensure the voice of faith communities is heard • Learn more about other faith perspectives through talks, visits to places of worship and collaborative projects and events
  • Tackle prejudice and discrimination through awareness-raising and educational programmes
  • Promote good practice and share information and resources
  • Create opportunities for volunteering and neighbourhood engagement
  • Support Interfaith Week with an annual event and resourcing various activities
  • Advise local government, the police, hospitals and other public services on religious issues and the needs of different faiths
  • Assist on local multi-faith civic ceremonies and events
  • Respond to any local incidents such as attacks on places of worship or cemeteries