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Faith Network for Manchester in Lockdown

Although our Manchester Multifaith Centre has been closed since March, the Faith Network for Manchester (FN4M) has been active in numerous ways. 

Our trustees and volunteers have been active in their communities and with others, in a variety of projects and initiatives.  The emphasis has been on supporting those in need and finding ways to support faith communities through the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown.  We have provided ways for faith leaders and members of communities to grasp and manage some of the key issues that have faced us, our members and others around us.

Our series of interfaith dialogues and information sessions covered a range of topics we knew were poignant and highly relevant to lockdown.  In addition to the closure of faith buildings and the final implications for faith communities, we explored loneliness, suicide prevention, mental health issues, domestic abuse, safeguarding and bereavement.  Many of these were major topics with the flood gates having opened for many of them with the onset of lockdown.

We have set up a series of seminars called "Faith in Black Lives Matter" looking at black experience in a variety of areas.  These include criminal justice, young people's experience, politics, health and health care, parenting, education and black experience in predominantly white faith communities.  The focus of each session has been to explore the inequalities and prejudices encountered and finding positive ways of tackling the issues and putting things right.

There are far too many injustices and racism is ingrained in so many structures and systems in our country.  This has been highlighted by the protests since the murder of George Floyd in America and the continuing instances of institutional racism we witness on our screens.  We are committed to play our part in ending racism in our city and country and invite faith communities, their leaders and members to join us in this quest and journey.  This series of seminars will just be the start of this campaign.

With Warren, our Director, and Kadija, our administrator, on furlough, it has been difficult to keep things going and we are grateful to everyone who has helped ensure that FN4M stays active, relevant and proactive in these important areas.  If you would like to be involved please contact us at  Alternatively if you are able to support our work, please donate using the button on our website.