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Solar for Greater Manchester Faiths

Solar for Greater Manchester Faiths has grown out of a project “Solar for Salford” led by the Catholic Diocese of Salford and funded with a grant from Electricity North West’s Powering our Communities initiative. As preliminary work was commenced it became clear that this would be much more powerful as an interfaith project and the terms of the grant were subsequently amended to reflect this.

In September 2023 the Faith Network for Greater Manchester agreed to take responsibility for running the scheme.

Join us to express your faith in our planet’s future

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workshops for schools and young people
workshops for schools and young people
with the support of Near Neighbours
for schools and young people

All the major world faiths are united in their concern for our planet and have resolved to take action to look after it. We believe generating and using renewable energy is part of this. Solar for Greater Manchester Faiths has been created to support you to install solar panels on your faith building.

From the day you switch the panels on you will be expressing your stewardship of this wonderful world by reducing your greenhouse gas emissions. With current high energy prices, the money you will save from generating your own electricity can cover the cost of panel installation very quickly … after that you will be generating electricity for free. There isn’t really a downside. If you can use the electricity that you generate, then solar panels are for you.

Solar for GM Faiths builds on the growing demand for action on the environment symbolised by the recent interfaith delegation that accompanied Andy Burnham to discuss Climate Change with the Pope.

It is a collaboration with Greater Manchester Community Renewables (GMCR) who have already raised £680,000 to install panels on 9 schools and community centres.

Faith leaders from across Greater Manchester with Andy Burnham in Rome.

Faith leaders from across Greater Manchester with Andy Burnham in Rome.

Pathways to Installation

If you want to find if Solar Panels are appropriate for your Faith building, click here.

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